Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sea Dreams

Well come with me to a place by the sea,
If your ship breaks down, you can always find me.

-- The Dirty Heads "Cabin by the Sea"


    I've had a much needed hiatus this week, chillin' out at a seaside resort for a couple of days (if you've been following my IG @bonjourjasmineblog, you might have known from those epicurean shots). A rather secluded spot, it is exempt from the throngs of tourists that usually flood the beach during the summer. I felt like I was on some private property, enjoying the solitude of strolling along an unmanned seaside, listening to the song of the ebbing waves and taking in the salty sea spray without the pandemonium of holidaymakers. I guess a vacation sometimes need not be full of outgoing fun, it can also be a rare moment of reflection as you stop and smell the flowers.

    這週我終於找到一點時間來個小渡假,在一個偏僻的海邊渡假村過著吃喝睡的廢人生活(有在發摟我 IG @bonjourjasmineblog 的朋友大概從照片看出來了 XD)。因為地點偏僻,海邊少了熙熙攘攘的暑假旅客人群,顯得格外平靜。甚至有種身處私人海灘的錯覺,傾聽浪花拍岸,呼吸海風汐汐,享受著一個人漫步海灘的悠閒。我想,渡假不一定總需要熱鬧刺激,它也可以是旅途累了,停下腳步沉澱靜思的美麗時光  :)

Dress :  here
Sandals :  Vincci
Bracelet :  Cindy


Friday, September 5, 2014

Le Jour Bleu

It's been a blue, blue day,
I feel like runnin' away.

-- Don Gibson "Blue, Blue Day"


    I've long harboured the desire to don a jumpsuit, unfortunately my hobbit stature and unproportionately large backside are an inevitable hindrance. I finally fulfilled my wish this week, wearing this backless midnight blue number from Choies with my essential Cor-date basic diamond earrings. Three cheers for my first jumpsuit to date, and please don't tell me the thing looked a little too tapered. That's what you get when you underestimated your bottom size by a mile. Ciao!

    其實我一直很想嘗試穿連身長褲,只是因為是哈比人加上是個大臀粗腿人(淚),所以要穿連身長褲困難重重。這禮拜終於能如願以償啦 ~ 穿上這件深藍 Choies 露背連身長褲搭上我的 Cor-date 愛將基本款菱形耳環。請為我人生第一件連身長褲掌聲鼓勵一下,然後也請不要告訴我看起來似乎很貼 ... 這是低估自己大臀 size 的人的自食其果 T_T  再會啦!

Jumpsuit :  Choies (here)
Shoes :  Vincci
Necklace :  Isabella
Earrings :  Cor-date


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nude, Black and Red

Ooh, those crinsom rays of ruby bright.
Ah! The technicolor li-i-ight!

-- Bette Midler "Red"


    Today I'm writing about my perfect red nail colour, of which I received much compliments and questions on its availability whenever I wore it or posted about it on my instagram/blog. This shade is from Korean brand Holika Holika, it is to me a very pure red that is just right, not too bright, not too dark, not too blue-toned or orange-y. It is a very elegant yet eye-catching hue without being gaudy or loud. Application is easy too, with two coats being sufficient to cover smile lines. I bought this a while ago, so I'm not sure if it is still available, but it's always worth checking out at a local Holika store if you have one in the neighborhood. As for the outfit, this is what I wore to a colleague's wedding last week. Red on nude is perfectly acceptable, I find  ; )  You can see more of this shade on my instagram here and here!  : )

    今天來寫一下詢問度超高的,我心目中完美紅色的指甲油。這色每次擦出門或 po 在 IG / blog 都會被讚或被問牌子,現在終於寫了 XDD  這支是韓牌 Holika Holika 的,是個非常正的紅色,不會太暗或太亮,也沒有偏藍或偏橘的色調。總之,是個搶眼卻不俗氣的優雅色彩。擦起來也還蠻順的,大約兩層就足以遮蓋微笑線了。不過這之買有點久了,不確定現在還有沒有,我想如果附近有 Holika Holika 的店面可以進去看看。至於穿搭,這是上週穿去同事婚禮的衣服,夠喜氣啦! XD  其實裸色跟大紅配起來也不會太突兀啊  ; )  另外,更多這色的 IG 照請看這裡這裡喔! : )

Top :  Million
Shoes :  Grace Gift
Clutch :  Vincci
Earrings :  Cor-date
Vernis :  Holika Holika Pop Nails 33


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Photo Flowers

Everyone has come to see. Well somethings have to do
Flowers out for this photographic haunt, but they all pass me by.

-- Tanita Tikaram "World Outside Your Window"


    Here's a super-late write-up of my haul from the Runway Channel sale ... er, a year ago. I bought quite a few items then (this and this), but this EMODA flower print dress was one of my favourites. According to its website, the floral pattern is a unique EMODA print, and is meant to exude the atmosphere of a flower garden in a photograph. I'll admit the print did indeed look like a summer garden of wild flowers through the lens of a lomo camera. The cut is quite fitting but it is quite short, even for a hobbit like me. All the same, I like this dress quite a lot and I'm even thinking of getting it in the purple/blue version, seeing as it is still available on the site. What'd you think?  ; )

    好吧~這篇是個超 lag 的折扣季戰利品文,是我 ... 去年在 Runway Channel 的收穫(心虛)。那次買了不少單品(包括這件這件),但是這件 EMODA 的花卉洋裝是愛將之一。根據商品網站的敘述,這件洋裝的圖樣是 EMODA 獨家製作的印花,主要想傳達照片中的花園這樣的氛圍。實品也真的如描述一樣,看起來像是透過 lomo 鏡頭欣賞著野花盛開的夏日花園 >///<  這件剪裁相當合身,不過就是有點短(連哈比人的我都覺得可以再長一點點)。但是我還是對它很有愛,而且回去看網頁竟然還有貨 @@  有點想說趁現在五折再入手那件藍紫色的,大家覺得呢? ; )

Dress :  EMODA (still available here)
Boots :  Queen
Hat :  here
Bag :  ShopAkira
Ring :  Cor-date (here)